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Educational process

Educational process at Kvanta
1.1. School's ideology
Core principles of our course:
Students find ideas for solving problems on their own.
We do not consider it proper to talk about all the tasks, techniques and ideas of the topic chosen. This does not mean that kids receive a list of tasks and stay face to face with it. But we consider it important to work independently - the more, the better. Education is not about learning the material by heart, educatio is about discovering key points. And on this way of education we, Kvanta teachers, will help our students.
Individual approach is the key to effective education.
Each student has their own pace of work and level of knowledge, and we pay a lot of attention to this aspect. If the student has completed all the tasks we gave kids for classwork, they get new ones. If the student has trouble understanding the topic, this is OK, and the teacher will answer all the questions. If the student is "stuck" on the task - the teacher will help with a hint that the student can finish the solution independently.
From «olympic» teachers to «olympic» students.
Classes are led by university and high school students who are involved in Mathematics Olympiad. We all somehow participated in Mathematics (and not only!) Olympiads. At school, we were participants, and at the university were authors of the tasks and members of the jury of Olympiads. Accordingly, we share our experience and knowledge with Kvanta students. Our main goal is to teach children to think outside the box. As a result, they will be able to quickly and independently come up with the solution to an unknown problem during the Olympiad.
1.2 Rules and discipline
Kvanta has 4 important rules.
Do you homework on time + arrange it properly (тут you can find more information).
Behave correctly during the lesson.
Do not be late for classes. They begin stricktly at 15:00!
Do not use your phone during the lesson.
More about discipline
To avoid spending time on the discipline during the class, teachers have the right to give remarks (yellow card) to a student, in situations when kids strongly disturb other students from learning. Two remarks during one lesson lead to exclusion from the lesson (red card).
Three exclusions from the lesson leads to the exclusion from Kvanta. We hope that this does not happen, but we warn you in advance.
In order to avoid unpleasant situations in the future, please behave politely in the classroom.
1.3 The process of learning at Kvanta
Now let's talk a little more about the process of learning at our school.

This year, Kvanta classes will be held as usual on Saturdays from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm (for 5th-grade students until 5:15 pm). 5-8th-graders study Mathematics at Kvanta according to the Calendar.

During lessons, we teach children to think logically, find non-standard solutions, prepare for the Olympiads. Classes are NOT held in the style of "we told you a theory - now solve the problems to master it". Otherwise, a useful and challenging process of inventing new is destroyed.

Sometimes, there might be a big theoretical part for a particular topic, and so the lessons will include more communication. In any case, the topic must be learnt by given tasks in the classroom and at home.
During the vast majority of lessons, students personally tasks and tell solutions to our teachers. Throughout the year, we will run the PlusTable - an online rating table for everyone to see how many and what kind of tasks students have solved. Also, in this table, you can find tasks for all classwork and homework of our school in two languages. So if you have not been to a lesson, it does not mean that you can forget about it! More about PlusTable.

After the end of each lesson, a HW is given to each student. During the week before the next lesson, students in grades 6-8 have to send their tasks to us in Telegram. We will take care of this and also ask parents to help us. This independent work at home is crucial for achieving excellent results in mastering the material!

Each lesson begins with a check of a correctly completed homework assignment of those who did not have time to send HW in Telegram. If HW was not done, the teacher has the right to ask a student to go to a seperate classromm and complete the HW.
For students in grades 6-7, we have prepared various stories, math jokes, or exciting facts along with the HW tasks. A unique feature of the 5th-grade's HW is additional tasks in logic, linguistics and others.
For those students who have completed all the classroom and homework, we send "extra" ─ additional materials. But these "extra" rarely get to the point.

It is diligence that is the most important for education and also the primary criterion for getting a free place at our school.

At the end of each semester, there is an exam. It consists of problems, theorems, facts have been studied during the semester or related to what has been learnt. A score of "2" means excluding a student from Kvanta for the next semester. More about the exam.

We do our best to create all the conditions for good math education. And we expect diligence from those for whom it is done!

Schedule of upcoming lessons
and Olympiads

Classroom distribution
5th grade
304 & 311
6th grade
305, 306, 312
7th grade
8th grade

Where it is always possible to find tasks?
homework & classwork
To receive tasks
You have to be a Kvanta student.
If the 1st is done, then you should have received an email inviting you to «PlusTable» - a table in which you can track the success of the student, as well as find all tasks.
Open the «PlusTable» (а) and choose your grade (b). Then find the word "tasks" in the header next to the topic and click on the language you want to get them in
ось так виглядає Плюсник
Tasks, solutions of which were discussed at the lesson, are marked in orange (columns in the table are tasks). Students cannot submit tasks after the discussion of their solutions.
You can learn more about PlusTable's work from the post «PLUSTABLE: What is it and how to use it?».
If you are our student, but have not received a link to the PlusTable, please, let us know.
Important clarification: a homework tasks is considered solved if a student received a 5+ points for its solution. Students cannot resubmit solved problems to receive 7.

How to complete your homework
Correctly completed homework is:
Seperate copybook
The task is glued into copybook. The solution is writted under the task.
No more than two tasks on one page.
an example of correctly completed HW
Examples of incorrectly completed HW:
Remember: the absence of completed homework is a reason for not being let to visit the lesson!

Where to send solutions and ask questions during the weekdays?
Homework is the most important thing for a successful mastering of advanced Mathematics. In addition to homework, you can (and should!) submit classroom assignments that were not solved during the lesson. Homework for the next class will be checked no earlier than the lesson.
If the student was absent under any circumstances during the discussion of tasks' solutions, then they can submit the discussed task to be checked by a teacher, but the student will not receive any points for the solution.
If a student was absent, we strongly recommend to solve and submit discussed tasks, since they are usually crucial to understand the topic.

To get in touch with Kvanta Telegram, please use this guide.

Kvanta can be contacted by: (icons are clickable)
5th-graders do not send solutions within a week (currently - they send due to the quarantine), because they write them in a corresponding workbook, but have the opportunity to ask questions about the tasks by writing a letter to our email.
During the week, we work with 5-8 grade entirely and only in Telegram.
If homework was sent to the Telegram, there is no need to bring homework notebook to the class. But only that case, when homework was sent in time before the lesson!
After a successful submission of the task (checked and approved by a teacher), please, check if PlusTable include according correct informatio.

About exam in Kvanta
There is an exam at the end of each semester. On this test, we test the knowledge from the program of the test - file with problems, theorems, facts. The test program file will be updated after each class and is available throughout the semester. You can find the program in the PlusTable (see picture below). The format of the exam may be different, but in most cases, it is oral and time-consuming :).

It should be noted that getting on the "2" mark means (but not equal to!) exclusion from Kvanta for the next semester. The results of last year's students' tests are also taken into account in case of continuing study at our school.
Where you can find exam's program
We wish everyone success in taking further exams!


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