March 15, 2020
Kvanta: Online lectures
March 15, 2020
Kvanta: Online-lectures

Recently, we wrote about having started posting videos with problems' solutions, and yesterday, we ran an online lecture on YouTube explaining new topics, giving some definitions and instructions for the tasks, answering questions about new topics.

Our teachers who led the first series of lectures were: Dmytro Tymokhanov, Denys Pushkin, Andrii Nikolaiev, Zarina Kodyrova, Slava Karpii, Illya Goltsov and Yegor Borsch. Special thanks to Zarina for the editing of the videos, as well as to the entire team of Kvanta teachers for the support of kids in Telegram. Without all these people it would not be possible to organize a worthy continuation of classes for the members of our school!

Of course, nothing will replace face-to-face meetings, but we are working hard to make the process of learning new material most effective. A few more weeks of new topics to come, so good luck!

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