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March 10, 2020
Mathematical camp «Summer Kvanta-2020»
Applications to Mathematical camp «Summer Kvanta-2020» are open!

Dates of the camp: from July 10 to 21, 2020.

Venue: children's camp "Empire of Childhood", Kyiv region, Myrotske

The cost: 12900 UAH. However:
- Unlit April 15 May 20, 2020, the cost 10900 грн.
See more in The cost and discounts.

How to become a participant:
> Be a student of Kvanta.
> Solve the qualification round and pass the selection. You can submit solutions until April 21 May 15.
⚡ If you send in solutions of the qualification round before May 15, the participation fee will be 10900 UAH for you.

Age restrictions: for students graduating from 5-7th grades.
8th-graders, unfortunately, are not invited to study at the camp, but there is another unique opportunity for them.

You may submit your application from March 10 to May 25. Registration form is available via the link or via the button below
* Якщо * If you passed the preliminary survey in February about the camp, you do not need to apply again.

Main sections of the page:

1. Location
2. Teachers
3. About the camp. Approximate timetable
4. For 8th-graders
5. The cost and discounts
6. Qualification round
1. Location
"Empire of Childhood" camp is located 30 km from Kyiv, in a cozy, green, environmentally friendly, picturesque area. Our camp will take place in a separate building; children will have 4-5 roommates. Each room has a bathroom. On each floor, where kids will live, there will be rooms of teachers and/or medical staff.

Food. There will be five meals a day, designed to meet all age needs of children. The menu will always include vegetables and fruits, meat and fish dishes, delicious pastries.

Infrastructure. Kids will have access to:
  • the modern building of European class
  • cozy rooms with bathrooms
  • playgrounds
  • dance hall
  • spacious classrooms for lessons and workshops
  • alcoves
  • a stage for evening programs
  • two lakes with separate beaches
  • own manicured forest
  • a mini-zoo with peacocks, ponies, horses, rabbits, boars, goats and even ostriches.
In case of according desire, children will be able to ride a horse every day, under the guidance of an experienced trainer.

Security. Camp's territory is fenced. The security works 24 hours/day, which guarantees the complete absence of strangers in the camp.
2. Teachers
Among camp teachers, there will be medalists of International Mathematical Olympiad, Romanian Master in Mathematics, European Girls' Mathematical Olympiad, winners of the final stage of National Ukrainian Mathematics Olympiad, and students of Taras Shevchenko National Univesity of Kyiv. They have experience of participating in, teaching at, and organizing Math and Computer Science camps. Teachers have been conducting classes for several years at Kvanta.
You can get acquainted with our teacher on the Our Team page.

We also plan to invite specialists, who are well-known in mathematics and other fields, to hold lectures and workshops.
3. About the camp. Approximate timetable
We are keen on and good at Mathematics. And we want to share our knowledge with children. We believe that our main task is to help to develop logical thinking and apply these skills in real life. First of all, our program will contain fascinating Mathematics and a vast number of logical tasks and ideas. As it has become traditional for our summer programs, the first half of the day is devoted to Math. In the afternoon, we will offer Computer Science classes to everyone who will have a desire to take them. Other students will have an opportunity to take part in self-development events, held by invited experts and by the camp. Of course, students will be able to play football and do other sports every. In the evening students will be able to choose from the traditional mafia, board games and disco :)
4. For 8th-graders
We have prepared a unique opportunity for the 8th-graders: to try themselves in the role of teacher's assistant, as well as to visit lectures, held by teachers, invited to the camp. To participate in our event, 8th-graders will need to have an interview with a future Kvanta camp teacher, whom 8th-grader will assist, and with us. Of course, an entertainment program for 8th-graders will also take place. The number of seatings is limited.
We invite all graduates of 8th and 9th grade who are interested in joining the Kvanta team in the future!
5. The cost and discounts
The total cost is 12900 UAH for 5-7th-graders and 8900 UAH for 8th-gradres.
Until April 15 May 15, 2020, the cost is 10900 UAH for 5-7th-graders.
⚡ If you send in solutions of the qualification round before May 15, the participation fee will be 10900 UAH for you.
There is a 20% discount for those who received the 1st place at the National Olympiad for 5-7th-graders. To receive the discount, these students have to apply before May 31.
There is a 20% discount for winners of "Kvanta Olympiad 2020". To receive the discount, these students have to apply before May 31.
There is a 15% discount for students who have the first place in "PlusTable" To receive the discount, these students have to apply before May 31.
* Discounts are not added.
Prerequisites for participating in the camp and receiving discounts:
Full and timely payment.
An agreement to attend our training program, printed and signed by parents. The agreement will be sent to the email provided at the moment of registration.
Warning! Payment will be made online. All the details and the agreement will be sent to the email provided at he moment of registration.
6. Qualification round
You can access qualification round problems and explanations of how to sumbit solutions via the buttons below
You need to successfully solve the tasks of one of the round to participate in the camp, but you can participate in both:
"March qualification round"
Until March 31, the deadline has passed.
The results will be available on April 10.
"April qualification round"
Until May 15, students can still submit their solutions.
Students may submit their solutions until May 15, 18:00. Kids who study at Kvanta, do not have to sumbit solutions!

⚡ If you send in solutions of the qualification round before May 15, the participation fee will be 10900 UAH for you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us via

Have a good day! ;)
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