Our achievements at competitions in 2018-19
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In this section, we have collected some of the most vibrant, large-scale and challenging competitions of 2018-2019 for 5-8th-graders. We want to tell you about the success of «Kvanta» students.

Of course, these merits are not only ours. Teachers, parents and students themselves have also put a lot of effort into these accomplishments.
Winners of National Ukrainian Mathematics Olympiad (for 8-11th-graders)
In 2019, our students Roksolana Ivanchuk (1st place at the Olympiad), Anton Havryliuk (3rd place), and Denys Kozurak (3rd place) were the only 8th-graders invited from Kyiv and Kyiv region to pacticipate in the Olympiad.

Among winners there also were Yana Kolodach, Koval Vadym, Oleksii Tychkovskyi, and Olesia Bilyk. Andrii Nikolaiev, Denys Pushkin, Arsenii Nikolaiev, and Anastasiia Kucherenko were jury members. All of them are Kvanta teachers.
Representatives of «Kvanta» (teachers or students) at the National Olympiad
Представники (викладачі або учасники) гуртка «Кванта» на Всеукраїнській олімпіаді
Representatives of «Kvanta» (teachers or students) at the National Olympiad
Overall results are available below:
Kyiv city Olympiad (for 7th-11th-graders)
At the city Mathematics Olympiad, a large number of Kvanta students have obtained 1st-3rd places. Names of students, who attend Kvanta classes, or had been attending for more than a year, are marked green below.
Some of them are 6th-graders, who competed against 7th-graders.
European Girls Mathematics Olympiad
Kvanta was very excited to be actively involved in the event! A Kvanta student, Roksolana Ivanchuk (bronze) is among the winners of the Olympiad. Besides, our teachers took part in the Olympiad and got a great result: Kateryna Gorokh and Vlad Petrusenko won gold medals, Olesia Bilyk won a bronze one. Also, Margaryta Baklan (who was a Kvanta student in 2016-2017) won a bronze medal.

Denys Pushkin was the Ukrainian team leader at the Olympiad, Anastasiia Kucherenko, Mykhailo Bondarenko and Arsenii Nikolaiev were coordinators. Arsenii also was a member of the task selection committee. Zarina Kodyrova and Svitlana Duminska volunteered at the Olympics.

As a result of the Olympiad, Ukraine became the winner of the EGMO-2019!

You can get more information about the event via the link below:
Winners and prize-winners of Rusanivskyi Lyceum Olympiad (for 6-8 grades)
Kvanta participants also actively took part in XХIV Mathematics Olympiad of Rusanivskyi Lyceum, which gathered about 380 participants. Our students, who became winners and prize-winners of the Olympiad, are:

6th-graders: Maksym Torianyk (1st place), Andrii Synelnyk (2nd place), Denys Tereshchenko (2nd place), Dmytro Dzhos (3rd place), Denys Kislenko (3rd place), Kateryna Mokanu (3rd place, 5th-grader).

7th-graders: Mykhailo Lysakov (3rd place), Illia Zarkov (3rd place).

8th-graders: Yelyzaveta Horokh (1st place), Anton Kaminskyi (1st place), Anton Havryliuk (2nd place), Ihor Nikolaiev (3rd place).

Besides, Yelyzaveta Horokh and Anton Kaminskyi are the only students, who, due to the victory at the Olympiad, received an opportunity to take part in Kontora Pi summer camp without passing preliminary selection.
The results of Rusanivskyi Lyceum Olympiad are accessible by the link below:
Prize-winners and winners of 2nd Olympiad of «Кvanta» (for 5-8 grades)
This year we also held our own Olympiad, which consisted of quite difficult and interesting tasks. The authors of these tasks were school and university students, most of whom are winners of international competitions (IMO, RMM and IZhO) and teach at Kvanta.
The winners of the Olympiad are:

6th-graders: Alisa Potomkina (1st place), Roman Hrynchak (1st place), Denys Kislenko (2nd place), Matvii Lomonosov (2nd place), Maksym Torianyk (2nd place), Artem Shelestov (2nd place), Dmytro Dzhos (3rd place), Yevheniia Osmolovska (3rd place), Pavlo Hrynevych (3rd place).

7th-graders: Polina Henyk (1st place), Iryna Romaniuk (1st place), Maksym Komarov (2nd place), Maksym Chumak (2nd place), Denys Tereshchenko (3rd place, 6th-grader).

8th-graders: Anton Havryliuk (1st place),Yelyzaveta Horokh (2nd place), Anton Kaminskyi (2nd place), Ihor Nikolaiev (3rd place), Radan Shlapak (3rd place).
You can read more about the Olympiad via the link below:
We wish you great results at farther competitions! :)
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